Certificate courses

Get a certificate course in radio jockeying & radio production / SPDP/ digital media.

Goonj institutewill expose students to a two month comprehensivetraining module followed by a month of "real world radio experience" through internship with us.

Internship will expose students to various facets related to radio management e.g. radio production , creative writing, digital world & sales.

There is dedicated faculty for each course to maintain uniformity and continuity in the teaching pattern.

Features of Content Writing Course

  1. Develop efficient writing for radio.
  2. Drafting and editing the main ideas.
  3. Developing writing for media & websites.
  4. Developing script for broadcasting.
  5. Improving dialogue and interaction skills.
Features of Radio Production Course
  1. Modalities of radio station operations.
  2. Developing skills of sound recording and mixing.
  3. Knowledge of community and commercial radio.
  4. Improving broadcasting.
  5. Developing voice, music & sound effect.
Features of RJ (Radio Jockey) Course
  1. Know and develop qualities required for being a RJ.
  2. Console training.
  3. Learning voice over with modulation.
  4. Developing accent and fluency.
  5. Learn how to develop interactions.

Features of News/Program Anchoring
  1. Organize material and write news reports
  2. Learn to interact with reporters while broacasting.
  3. Researching and news writing.
  4. Develop anchoring and script writing skills.
  5. Mastering voice techniques.

Features of Communication and PDP
  1. Personality development through GD.
  2. Developing manners & etiquettes.
  3. Building leadership.
  4. Establishing effective interactions.
  5. Learning time and stress management.
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