"We started this journey with the germ of an idea of creating social equality, thus came into being MPMM. However, we soon realized the need for widening the sphere and means for realizing our goals. Today the society is infested with so many pressing & compelling social issues that just being an NGO and serving people wouldn’t suffice. Very quickly we realized that we could maximize our social impact, by addressing the needs of the youth and children. By assisting the younger generation we can improve the communities where they live there by making the future of these communities brighter. From the epiphany came a clear Vision:Inform,Inspire,Empower.We not only wanted to help them but also empower them and give them a media platform which is their own and where they can raise their own concerns, through our voice; hence came up Goonj 90.8 FM Aapkee Apni Aawaz. Madhya Pradesh has produced so many famous reporters and journalist but does not house any reputed media college. With a aim of retaining and grooming this local talent we started Goonj Institute and a news portal Goonj MP recently.”


For over decade MS Krati Singh has been a Social worker. With a degree in BBA from De Montfort University (U.K), an MBA from Indore and specialization in Media Studies, Krati Singh’s life is a cynosure for others who want to be the agents of social change .A social entrepreneur every bit she strongly believes that social enterprise is not a silver bullet, but it is a promising approach to fulfilling unmet needs and fostering genuinely “triple-bottom-line” organizations – those simultaneously seeking profits, social impact, and environmental sustainability. It’s certainly not the only solution, but it is most definitely a solution



For the community, By the community .


Inform, Inspire & Empower.

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